An Introduction to Screaming Soul

Photo by Mike Massaro

Screaming Soul is the organic sound of London at the edge of the 21st Century, infused with all the rich flavours and spices that the melting pot has to offer.

Their music takes you through dark alleys to dim lit jazz clubs, then out into daylight, through the chaos of rush hour, weaving tales of inner city blues, before dropping you off at a smoked out reggae sound clash to wind your woes away.

Lyrically the group are in a class (and quite often world) of their own, painting vivid pictures with emotionally charged lyrics over vast, epic soundscapes.

Photo by Mike Massaro

Lucid Mover has spent many years on the UK Hip-Hop scene working with some of the industry’s top artists, both on record and behind the scenes.  Helping to launch the careers of artists such as DefDFires, Stig of The Dump, Graziella, Skrein, DJ Moodie and many others.  He also worked alongside some of the scene’s most influential acts including Skinnyman, Task Force and Foreign Beggars.  His production style is like Adrian Sherwood meets The RZA, heavily influenced by both Dub and Hip-Hop but influenced by a variety of genres.

“His ability to construct complex and multi-faceted rhyme-structures is consistently spellbinding, and his gift for story-telling allows him to bring an original voice to subject matter that many of his peers make sound clichéd. “

Ghetto Priest is a Wizard who likes to sing sometimes.  He is probably best know for collaborations with Adrian Sherwood, Asian Dub Foundation and Juno Reactor, but has a jaw-dropping array of lesser known collaborations to his name.  A seasoned veteran of the game, he has traveled the world with his intoxicating vocals and powerful stage presence captivating countless enchanted audiences.

Throughout his career Ghetto Priest has consistently delivered an epic amount of material which surpasses genre classification and his debut album “Vulture Culture” was widely regarded as one of the most radical roots albums of its time.

Together Screaming Soul are an unstoppable musical force with a unique and refreshing style that is pushing the boundaries of modern urban music.

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