FREE DOWNLOAD: Sandman – ‘Code of The Road Runner’ LP

Sandman – ‘Code of The Road Runner’ Instrumental album also available as a FREE Download:

“Code of The Road Runner” is the debut album from Sandman aka Lucid Mover, a north London MC and Producer who has been carving his own niche in the UK music scene for a long time.

Sandman was formerly known as Doobie, a founding member of UK Hip-Hop super crew Underground Alliance (UNDALI), where he was heavily involved in both the business and musical aspects of the group, helping to launch the careers of artists such as DefDFires, Graziella, Skrein, Stig of The Dump, DJ Moodie and many others.  He also worked alongside some of the scene’s most influential acts including Skinnyman, Task Force and Foreign Beggars.

With a career spanning 10 years Sandman has supported a wide variety of well-known acts, from pioneering Dance DJs like MJ Cole, Benga, N-Type and Digital Mystikz to legendary Reggae artists such as Junior Kelly, Macka B and Iration Steppaz.   He has played alongside Dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood, supporting Reverend and The Makers and toured several dates in Europe with Asian Dub Foundation, after a standout appearance on their album “Punkara”.  He headlined the first nights at Wroclove Festival (Poland) and Secret Garden Party (UK) and held residencies at London club nights Deviate and Reggae Roast.  He currently works at Emerging Species and raises a family.

Sandman – “Do This Proper”

BONUS TRACK (Because you read all the way to the bottom- well done you!)

Have You Seen Her? – Screaming Soul feat. Gringo (Produced by DJ Moodie & Colombo Majik)


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